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Top 10 Cocktails to Boost Your Summer

There are a lot of disputes over when and where the first cocktail was invented. Some believe it was derived from British Punches containing spirits, fruit juices, and spices served in giant bowls at parties. Others believe it was an American in 1806 who created a powder for pre-mixing that gave the taste of both sweet and sour. Some even say it originated with pirates when they created the Mojito after trying to cure their scurvy… nice!

Here at Fox Bars, we’ve come a long way from the Scurvy Mojitos of the 1500s and have created some delectable cocktails that’ll really kickstart Summer 2022.

Through The Burrow

Shaken with chocolate, espresso, and Jack Daniels; it’s a whiskey lovers twist on the Espresso Martini

Blue Tit

This lavender gin, orange, and lychee-based cocktail is a perfect blend of floral and citrus

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The close relative of the Pisco Sour; our Fantastic Mr. Fox cocktail is rum-based but still has those egg whites, lemon, and bitters to froth this drink to excellence

The Greenskeeper

This floral number will transport your tastebuds to a summer meadow. A sweet treat centered around basil and mint infused vodka, lemon, and elderflower

Out of the Shrubs

For those not interested in stiffening up their cocktail, this 0% alcohol raspberry and ginger drink is ideal for sipping on a hot summer day

Soothing Spritzer

One of the most refreshing drinks to hit London, maybe ever. Comprised of aloe vera and cucumber gin, prosecco, and lemonade this drink is made for those hot sunny days

Wicked Highball

This sophisticated swill combines gin, brandy, vermouth, and ginger ale to produce a refined thirst-quencher

Midori Sours

A classic that we couldn’t miss this year; the Midori Sour does exactly what you expect it to. Melon-y goodness in a glass

Hot Shot Margarita

A spicy take on a classic, but with the added fire of chili and a peri salt rim

Watermelon Nojito

A fresh and cooling 0% alcohol beverage for a fruity twist on the well-known mojito

Pop down to our bars to try some for yourself. We're ready when you are!

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