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Elizabeth line connects london like never before

The Elizabeth Line finally pulls into the station!

‘How quickly can I get to where I need to be?’ Is probably a question that we’ve all asked ourselves when planning our route across London. As convenient as it is, the tube has never been an appealing idea for commuters or tourists. The usually sticky, hot, packed-out carriages are less than desirable. But now we have a brand new shiny and sparkly Crossrail in the Elizabeth Line.

In 1863 the Metropolitan Line was the first ever tube line to be built. 159 years later, and after 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II has had the latest tube line named after her. Boasting fresh and clean carriages in the royal rich purple colour, these WiFi filled trains are over 200 metres long: allowing space for up to 1500 passengers. It’s a state-of-the-art service that London trains haven’t seen for a long, long time, improving travel for thousands of Londoners every day.

This complex digital railway allows travel from Essex to Reading and stretches over 100km. It’s also made travelling to visit our venues heaps easier too! Custom House is now accessible from the Canary Wharf in 4 minutes, and from Central London in 11 minutes, which means you can be sipping those well-deserved after work cocktails in no time. Don’t hesitate to drop our events team an email at to fast track organizing your event with us.

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