At Fox@Excel we serve a mouth-watering menu of Great British favourites. We have a spectacular array of ten different types of burger to offer you, from the juicy vegetarian Portobello burger, succulent BBQ pulled pork, or the meaty Stilton Blu!

Our separate breakfast menu is served daily from 8am-12pm, with an all-day breakfast option available afterwards for you breakfast lovers. Our breakfast makes Fox@ExCel the perfect place to enjoy a delicious bite to eat before nipping next door to the exhibition.

Download our Fox@ExCel Breakfast Menu

Download our Fox@ExCel All Day Menu

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Download our Fox@ExCel Children's Menu

Our traditional British food is also on the menu at Fox@Connaught’s restaurant. Sit outside with a delicious salad on a warm summer’s day or treat yourself to a steak any day of the week – whatever British treat you’re looking for, we’re bound to have it at Fox@Connaught.

We open Monday – Saturday at 6am for breakfast, and slightly later at 7am on a Sunday. We’ve got a whole host of breakfast options for you to choose from, with hot and cold options to suit everyone.

Download our Fox@Connaught Breakfast Menu

Download our Fox@Connaught All Day Menu

Download our Fox@Connaught Cocktail Menu

Download our Fox@Connaught Children's Menu

Most events require food, and understandably you want to make sure that what you provide is perfect for your guests.

That’s why we offer a range of food choices for all events at both Fox@ExCel and Fox@Connaught.

Browse through the menu options below and simply choose the food to suit your event.

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Bar Set Menu

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Breakfast Pastry Menu

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Canapé Menu

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Hot Fork Buffet Menu

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Party Menu

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Finger Food and Reception Bites Menu

For all event enquiries, please call our events team on 07595 488158 or contact them by email at